Start a D-Group

Making disciples is Jesus’ foundational command to every believer.

Attend a Leader Training

Jesus told us that our mission as a faith community is to make disciples. At Hallmark, we are working to better integrate discipleship into our church culture.

If you are willing to come alongside a group of 2-4 other people and help them to read the Bible, memorize Scripture, and pray – we want to help get you started.

D-Group leader trainings are one-day trainings that take place on Saturday morning from 9am-noon, once a quarter.

Next date: May 11, 9am-noon

d group training

You can do it!

Making disciples is Jesus’ foundational command to every believer. You don’t need to be a trained teacher, pastor, or theologian.

If you attend Hallmark consistently, read your Bible, and pray: you can lead a D-Group!

A D-Group leader is not a master teacher, or an expert who has figured everything out. They are simply someone who is one step ahead of someone else, saying “Imitate me as I follow Christ”.


Common Questions about D-Groups


Meet our Discipleship Pastor

Nathan Parikh

Nathan has served on staff since 2014 and leads our Connect Groups, Discipleship Groups, adult Bible studies, and Re:generation recovery ministries.

Nathan and his wife Danielle met at Hallmark in 2015 and married in 2017. They have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, Priya. Together Nathan and Dani lead the Young Couples Connect Group.

A Chicago native, Nathan loves the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Cubs, and good pizza.