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Attendance Policies

  • Continous late pick-up at MDO will result in an additional late fee.
  • If choosing cancellation to not complete the school year, a cancellation fee will apply.
  • You must give a 30 day written cancellation notice. Otherwise, a one-month tuition fee will apply.

Lunches & Snacks

  • Children should bring their own lunches every day.
  • Easy self-feed finger foods with labeled drinks, cups or containers. We ask that each child have a fruit and/or vegetable in their lunch every day. The state requires a well-balanced meal for each child.
  • Each class will have one snack daily provided by the school.


If bad behavior is a continually an issue (ex: biting, hitting or aggressive behavior), the Director reserves the right to remove children from the program.

Nap Time & Toys

  • 18 month – 3-year-olds take naps, however, the Pre K 4’s do not take naps.
  • Please do not allow your child to bring toys from home to school

School Supplies

  • Supply fee for the year is $100.
  • Every child should bring a labeled bag. Please make sure it has all necessary and appropriate seasonal items, including a change of clothes. 18 months and 2-year-olds must bring diapers and wipes. You may bring enough to supply more than one day to leave in a labeled bin that we supply for your child.

Shot Record

  • Every child must have a current shot record on file from the first week they are enrolled. If shots are given during the school year, an updated shot record must be turned into the Director at that time.

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