Summer Camp Fundraiser

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Well, this will be a year to remember for sure. We know that your lives and our lives have changed throughout these last few months. As a church, our student ministry is trying to bring some normalcy to our students and their families.

We have an amazing opportunity to attend a Summer Camp this year at Riverbend Camp in Glen Rose, Texas. Providing our students with a high energy, fun, exciting, and spiritually rewarding environment in which students will be challenged and encouraged to pursue Jesus and deepen their personal relationship with Him.

In years past, we have been able to come alongside and financially support our students through our annual Dessert Auction. Due to COVID-19, those plans were canceled but we are still wanting to raise support for our students and their friends to get to camp.

Details for Summer Camp


The cost of camp is $150 per student. This cost includes all food, transportation, and housing. Students will buy their own snacks or any extra items they want. Our goal is to raise $5,000 to bring the cost down, student scholarships, and cover some of our student ministry team.

Trip Dates

July 23rd-26th

How to Give

Click here to give online

If you prefer to give in person, you can give via check or cash on Sunday mornings. Please make checks payable to Hallmark Baptist Church and write CLUB 52 on the memo line.

We love camp—absolutely love it! We believe God uses summer camp to establish spiritual markers that students will remember as they grow in their commitment to follow Jesus. Our goal is to connect students to our leaders and God through small group Bible study, engaging worship, and activities built around strengthening relationships. We promise to clearly present the good news of Jesus. To shape every aspect of our camp in such a way that God’s Word remains center-stage, and that we will have a blast while doing it. Thank you for your generosity!

Thank you for supporting Hallmark Student Ministry!