Currently, our church is not able to gather in-person as we traditionally do. This is heartbreaking because COVID-19 has many people looking for answers to life’s deepest questions and wondering if there is any hope. This, more than ever, is the time for the church to rise up and proclaim the message of the Gospel. But how can we do this when we are not allowed to meet?

We believe this obstacle is actually an opportunity — an opportunity to share the gospel with far more people than we typically would and to empower you to be the primary heralds of that good news.


We help prepare you to share your testimony, then, on the weeks following Easter, we all post our sixty-second videos on social media with the hashtag #OVERCOMER. People all over our city, quarantined in their homes and scrolling on their phones, would see a flood of stories about how Jesus overcame death with life and brings purpose and meaning and hope. One click on the hashtag and they could see hundreds of people all over the country — just like them — from churches all across the midwest talking about how Jesus changed the trajectory of their lives!

Think about the implications.

Rather than each of us inviting one person to an online church, we could each proclaim the gospel to hundreds of non-Christian friends and co-workers. It could be the most evangelistic period in history. And the best part is that every one of us are the ones proclaiming the gospel. Furthermore, this will be a beautiful display of the unity of the church, it’s not one church’s “thing.” Rather, it puts all the emphasis on Jesus.

What’s Your Story?

We’ve all heard the gospel called good news. But another way to translate that term is “the good story.”

Every one of us has a unique story to tell. One no one else can tell. Yet the hero in all those stories is the same — Jesus!

Click below for a story-sharing guide created to help you think about the shape of your personal story and how Jesus changed it.

Get the Story Guide

Post your story

Then post your story with the #overcomer hashtag. Also, don’t forget to tag Hallmark to connect viewers to a local church (i.e. #OVERCOMER @HallmarkBaptistChurch).

Selfie Guide

Here are some best practices for shooting yourself on your phone.

  • Simple, clean backdrops are ideal – Avoid distracting backgrounds or crowded spaces.
  • In natural light – Avoid backlighting. The main source of light should be facing you, not behind you.
  • In artificial light – Avoid standing directly below an overhead light or anything else that creates hard shadows. Consider using a stand lamp several feet away for good indirect light.
  • Shoot eye level – Shooting from above or below will make you seem diminished or imposing. Eye level communicates accessibility.
  • Clean your camera – Make sure the lens of your selfie camera is clean before shooting.
  • Shoot portrait – Align your phone vertically.

We’ve created a guide with examples that you can access here:

Get the Selfie Guide