Baptism Sunday

10:30 AM

Baptisms At Hallmark

If you’ve decided to follow Jesus, you have the opportunity to take the next step of obedience by being baptized. Baptism is a public profession of a believer’s faith in Christ – an outward expression of inner spiritual change. (Matthew 10:32) Join us and celebrate as new believers share stories of life change and publicly declare that they have decided to follow Jesus.

How to Get Baptized

Baptisms happen year-round at Hallmark, and we’d love for you to take part. We invite you to complete the steps below as you consider being baptized.

  1. Click here to let us know that you would like to be baptized.
  2. Schedule a time to record your story on video. Carlos Campos, our Student Pastor, records our videos and will contact you after your register to schedule a time to record your testimony. 

We want baptism to be a meaningful and enjoyable experience, and we look forward to walking through it with you!