Faith Promise Giving

How does Hallmark fund their Global Missions program?

Hallmark Missions program is budgeted and funded separately from the money that comes in as regular offerings. The church donates 15% of the general fund to support missions. The majority of the missions program is supported by individuals who give specifically to the worldwide missions program of Hallmark. In order to give to missions, you must indicate the amount of your check that your want designated and write “missions” on your check memo line or offering envelope. Money not designated for missions go into the general offering.

What is Faith Promise Giving?

A faith promise is an agreement made with God to give (to missions) over a specific period of time, by faith trusting God to provide the funds in various ways, above your regular offering. We ask that you pray first and then fill out a Faith Promise card with the amount you feel God is leading you to give for the next fiscal year. The card does not request your name, so the decision and commitment is between you and God. But, the cards give the Mission Team some idea of the amount the church family has pledged. Hallmark generally receives commitment cards in March.

Who can make a Faith Promise?

God gives to all of His children – rich and poor – the privilege of giving. Our giving is a test of our love. It is also a test to see if God can trust us with the money He gives us. Everyone must make up his mind as to how much he should give. God says to never force anyone to give more than he really wants to give. He loves a cheerful giver. We should not give, wishing we could keep it. God loves it when we give because we want to give. When we make a Faith Promise commitment we promise to give God more than we have right now! We pray and decide on the amount that we trust God to help us get and then we promise God that if He provides it, we will give it back to Him. We need to be careful not to use this money for our own purposes. Remember, this is a promise only between you and God.

What are the results of Faith Promise giving?

Joy, blessing, increased the ability to give, thankfulness to God, and it will bring glory to God and help spread the gospel.