Taking the Gospel to the Nations

Hallmark supports nearly 200 missionaries primarily through the Baptist Bible Fellowship International.
Many of those families include but are not limited to missionary families who were sent out from Hallmark Church.

Please pray for all of our missionaries as they face many difficult situations all over the world.

Hallmark supports nearly 200 missionaries in the following locations:

  • Argentina flag Argentina
  • Australia flag Australia
  • Belgium flag Belgium
  • Botswana flag Botswana
  • Brazil flag Brazil
  • Cambodia flag Cambodia
  • Canada flag Canada
  • Chile flag Chile
  • Colombia flag Colombia
  • Costa Rica flag Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic flag Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador flag Ecuador
  • Ethiopia flag Ethiopia
  • Europe/Gypsy
  • Germany flag Germany
  • Great Britain flag Great Britain
  • Greece flag Greece
  • Guatemala flag Guatemala
  • Haiti flag Haiti
  • Home Missions flag Home Missions
  • Honduras flag Honduras
  • Indonesia flag Indonesia
  • Italy flag Italy
  • Ivory Coast flag Ivory Coast
  • Japan flag Japan
  • Kenya flag Kenya
  • MANNA Worldwide
  • Mexico flag Mexico
  • Navajos flag Navajos
  • Netherlands flag Netherlands
  • Nicaragua flag Nicaragua
  • Niger flag Niger
  • Panama flag Panama
  • Paraguay flag Paraguay
  • Peru flag Peru
  • Philippines flag Philippines
  • Portugal flag Portugal
  • Romania flag Romania
  • Russia flag Russia
  • S.M.O.R.S.
  • Scotland flag Scotland
  • Singapore flag Singapore
  • Sioux Indians flag Sioux Indians
  • Slovakia flag Slovakia
  • South Sudan flag South Sudan
  • Spain flag Spain
  • STEP
  • Tanzania flag Tanzania
  • Thailand flag Thailand
  • Uruguay flag Uruguay
  • Wales flag Wales
  • Zambia flag Zambia

Faith Promise Giving

Our local and global mission endeavors are made possible by the sacrificial giving of our members.

Our Missionaries